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At this point i take no more orders from after July 7th 2018


Dark Chocolate

Rich decadent dark chocolate cakes are
for the real chocoholic who don't want
to compromise for the white look.
Dark chocolate looks great with
colorful vibrant flowers or elegant
with white flowers.

DCH-1 dark chocolate wedding cakes
DCH-1 dark choc...
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DCH-2 dark and white chocolate shard wedding cake
DCH-2 dark and ...
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DCH-3 dark chocoalte shard with fresh berries
DCH-3 dark choc...
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DCH-4 dark chocolate shard with chocolate flowers
DCH-4 dark choc...
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DCH-5 dark chocolate wedding cakes
DCH-5 dark choc...
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DCH-6 Black and white chocolate shard Wedding cake
DCH-6 Black and...
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DCH-7 White and milk chocolate wedding cake
DCH-7 White and...
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DCH-8 dark chocolate wedding cake with lace collar
DCH-8 dark choc...
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DCH-9 dark chocolate wedding cake with lace collar and fresh fruit
DCH-9 dark choc...
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dch-10 dark chocolate lace and chocolate flower
dch-10 dark cho...
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dch-11black and white chocolate wedding cake with berries
dch-11black and...
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dch-12 dark chocolate wedding cake with berries
dch-12 dark cho...
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All cakes come filled with swiss merengue buttercream filling in your choice of flavor
eg, vanilla, chocolate, nutella, mocca, coconut, almond praline, raspberry, lemon/lime, orange,
passionfruit, cream cheese, salted caramel,